Insurance Solutions for Businesses

Businesses face their own special myriad of challenges. Some of the concerns we hear from business owners are:

  • I have multiple business partners. What’s the best way to fund our business continuation (buy-sell) agreement?
  • What happens if one or more of my key employees dies prematurely?
  • We have instituted a Non-Qualified Plan as an incentive to retain and reward our key management team. We have no funding for it – what’s the best method to fund the plan?

1802 Insurance™ can help.

Business Continuation (Buy-Sell) Funding

A properly structured and funded buy-sell agreement is essential to any closely held business continuation plan.

Life insurance provides dollars at the exact time they are needed to fund a buyout. 1802 Insurance™ can help your client evaluate what type of insurance is appropriate and the best way to structure the ownership and payments.

Key Person Life Insurance

Key Person Life Insurance provides dollars for a business to continue upon the premature death of one of its key people. The business has dollars to recruit and hire a replacement and help mitigate the lost earnings.

Insurance to Fund Non-Qualified Plan Liabilities

Many businesses institute non-qualified plans to attract, retain, and reward their key employees.  However, often, businesses are unaware of how much cash flow and liability to plan for at a future date.

This unexpected cash flow need can put a severe drain on working capital if not planned for properly.

We help your clients (1) project future cash flow liability using proprietary software models and (2) offer various funding alternatives and recommendations.