We're experienced, trusted insurance professionals who can help you enhance the services you provide to your clients.

1802 Insurance™ is a division of Cornerstone Advisors that focuses exclusively on assisting attorneys, financial advisors, accountants, fiduciaries and other trusted counselors like you with professional insurance planning services for your ultra-affluent clients.

Cornerstone Advisors has more than 40 years' experience as a full-service estate and business planning firm. 1802 Insurance™ unbundles that same professionalism and experience that we've brought to our own clients and makes it available to you, and others like you, who are advising your own ultra-affluent clients.

Our Core Principles

The same core principles that the 1802 Insurance™ team adheres to every day in our roles at Cornerstone Advisors are the very ones we bring to our relationships with you and your clients. These values and guiding principles are behind every meeting that we have and every service we provide.


At 1802 Insurance™, it’s our job to be specialists in an industry in which you and your clients don’t have time to become specialists. As seasoned, knowledgeable life insurance professionals, we study the details, trends, products, and performance that can make the difference between your being able to help your clients meet their life insurance goals and missing the mark. We know that, in addition to our own reputation, your reputation as a trusted advisor – and the future of your clients’ families and businesses – are on the line.


We understand that helping your clients achieve their life insurance goals requires deliberate and careful stewardship of the assets they've entrusted to you. As the Advisor to The Advisors™, we know that you’re relying on us to help you provide that stewardship. As one of over 130 M Financial Group firms serving the US, Canada, the UK, Dubai, and Bermuda, 1802 Insurance™ can offer you and your clients premier life insurance products that have been developed and priced specifically for the ultra-affluent market. And, we can provide the detailed examination, analysis, and diligence necessary to help ensure good stewardship of those assets.


At 1802 Insurance™, integrity is foundational to everything that we do. That's why we're committed to bringing the highest level of integrity to every client relationship that we form, every life insurance recommendation that we make, and every action we take. We know that our reputation and yours, depend on it.


First and foremost, as the Advisor to the Advisors™, we're committed to you, to the success of your business, and to protecting and preserving your relationship with your clients. Second, we're committed to the financial success and wellbeing of your life insurance clients as if they were our own. Our goal is to enhance the services you already offer by making available to you and your clients proprietary life insurance products designed and priced exclusively for the ultra-affluent market. We also provide you with the industry experience necessary to help you make the right decisions in this highly specialized market.


At 1802 Insurance™, we're committed to asking the right questions and delivering the right solutions to help meet the life insurance goals of your clients. Our extensive industry experience and relationship with M Financial Group enable us to offer the detailed oversight and access to proprietary life insurance products needed to help ensure that your ultra-affluent clients have the right solutions for their specific, life insurance goals.