True Insurance Professionals

Your clients rely on you. You can rely on us.

Your clients rely on you, because you have a relationship with them. They understand that the world of insurance products is complex and confusing, and the more money they have, the less they can afford to be wrong about their insurance decisions.

They're counting on your knowledge, your expertise, and your attention to detail. They're trusting you to be informed about every relevant product, to be aware of each industry change, and to know everything that needs to be known to ensure that their families, their assets, and their businesses are protected. We're here to help.

Advisor to the Advisors™

1802 Insurance is a new division of Cornerstone Advisors that focuses exclusively on assisting attorneys, financial advisors, accountants, fiduciaries and other trusted counselors with insurance planning services for your ultra-affluent clients.

Cornerstone Advisors has more than 40 years' experience as a full-service estate and business planning firm. Now, 1802 Insurance™ unbundles that same professional expertise and experience that we've brought to our own clients and makes it available to you and others like you who are advising your own ultra-affluent clients.

At 1802 Insurance™, we don't want to replace you or your role as an advisor to your clients. We want to help you add value to the services you bring to your clients.

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