Proprietary Products

M Financial Group was founded on the principle that “off-the-shelf” products often do not meet the needs of ultra-affluent and corporate clients.

Since 1978, M Financial has worked closely with leading insurance carriers and investment firms to develop innovative products with unique features and flexible options that complement the needs and objectives of Member Firm clients.

Through the vision and leadership of its Product Development Group, M Financial has established principles that guide the company’s approach to developing propriety products. In a world where so much is beyond anyone’s control (interest rates, market volatility, economic challenges), M Financial’s leaders believe it is important to take hold of what they can control—their principles—and leave no doubt in the minds of those who place their trust in the company that when a customer purchases an M proprietary product, this is what he or she may expect:

Exclusive Access

  • M proprietary products are available only to clients served by M Member Firms.

Pricing that Reflects M Experience

  • The superior experience of Member Firm clients  (mortality, persistency, lower expenses) warrants better pricing.

Active In-Force Management

  • Perhaps the most differentiating characteristic, pricing enhancements are applied to in-force business as well as new buyers. For a product to have the M proprietary brand, existing M proprietary product policyholders must be treated at least as well as future policyholders. Reinsuring Member Firm business through M Financial Re allows M Financial to monitor and enforce this principle and have a seat at the table with Carriers as they manage in-force business. The company believes in the quality of the business it places, puts its own money behind it, and remains uniquely positioned as the only independent distribution system to reinsure and manage the products sold by its Firms.

Top-Tier Competitive Positioning

  • M proprietary products are consistently competitive at the highest levels across a wide array of scenarios.

Significant Differential Over Retail

  • M Financial’s belief that sustainable performance matters—beyond the initial illustration—is demonstrated in the design of M proprietary products.

M Financial’s discipline in adhering to these principles is more critical than ever. While there are instances where M Financial knows that it must adapt to its environment, the company remains steadfast in advocating for full recognition of its clients’ differentiated advantages.

Therefore, products without all of these characteristics will not be branded M proprietary. The company believes that lowering its standards to accept something less would do a disservice to its clients and hurt the brand M Financial has worked so diligently to cultivate and protect.