Group Insurance for Business Clients

When was the last time your clients looked at the cost of their existing group insurance?

Group life insurance is often an employer-sponsored benefit that can help companies recruit and retain good employees. However, not all businesses routinely take the time to ensure that they're paying competitive rates or offering benefits consistent with what others may be offering in the marketplace.

Often, years pass without business clients and their advisors realizing that completing a simple review of a company's group life insurance plan could potentially save the client thousands of dollars per year.

At 1802 Insurance™, we can complete a review of a client’s existing group life insurance plan to answer the following questions:

  • Are the benefits in line with the marketplace today?
  • Is the cost competitive?
  • Should other benefits be offered that are not currently being offered?

Let us help you advise your group life insurance clients about ways they could save money, even while potentially offering better benefits to their employees.